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Healing From the Heart is a two-day experiential workshop designed to help you experience a variety of healing exercises, including guided visualization, hands-on healing, group healing, and, most importantly, how to truly heal from the heart.
place of the heart”, in many instances a healer’s desire to facilitate a client’s complete return to ‘wellness’ can have an unfortunate and unwitting effect.

As healers, we are all attuned to the fact that illness, pain and physical and emotional crises can often be “chosen” on a higher level in order to facilitate some important lessons or breakthroughs in understanding that may be vital to an individual’s spiritual progress. At the same time, the very fact that we have dedicated ourselves to healing often can cause us to focus our energies solely towards effecting a positive outcome. While this is a wholly natural and highly commendable instinct, it is important to remember that healing, per se may not necessarily be in a client’s higher interest. In other cases, a healer’s desire to facilitate a positive outcome can be so all-encompassing that the sheer force of their intent can unwittingly impede the flow of healing energy. At best, this can leave the healer feeling unaccountably drained and tired, at worst, it can have a rebound effect by making the healer themselves susceptible to illness.

How, then, can a healer safeguard themselves and their clients from this wholly commendable but not always advisable natural healing instinct? The first solution is for the healer to learn how to effectively, yet compassionately, detach themselves from the outcome. The second solution is for the healer to learn how to recognize when they are truly acting as a “pure, clear channel for healing energy to flow through them, unimpeded and untainted by their own hopes, desires, and expectations”. The third solution lies in a simple - yet not always easy to master - process that Michael terms Heart-Centered Healing.

In this workshop, which is designed to benefit individuals as well as professional therapists and healers, you will learn how to become clearer about your thoughts, emotions, hopes, dreams and ambitions, as well as how to transform and release old patterns of behavior that may be thwarting your own spiritual and personal progress, so that you can finally start fulfilling your true potential and realizing all your long-held ambitions.

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