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Spiritual healing is the working of the Power of Love within the pattern
Of natural laws. These laws emanate from God. The art of Spiritual Healing is an ancient therapy which has been used throughout history, practised from primitive to the most highly sophisticated. Healing recognises no artificial barriers of race, colour or creed. It is truly universal and is not the prerogative of any one group of people. It is as much part of the Jewish, Hindu, Buddhist, Islamic and Christian way of life, or any other spiritually evolved being. When working with a client, I always create a safe environment for the treatment to take place, and thus my attitude is always totally non-judgemental. During the session, I facilitate healing by the laying on of hands, which in
turn assists the client to release and clear energy blockages, which could be physical, emotional, mental or spiritual. I do not determine how these blocks will be released. After the treatment, I can feel a physical shift either in the energy centers, (known as the Chakras) or in the auric field of the person.
Feedback will also take place at this time.

Following are details of the experiences of some of the people I have worked
with as they describe, in their own words, about our sessions together:

-"I had weekly appointments with Michael for two years. When I first went to see him, he surprised me by pinpointing a number of areas in which he detected blockages... some of these blockages were physical in origin, others were emotional and mental. Throughout the two years I saw Michael, I
had a number of different types of experiences while he was giving me healing... some were smply incredibly relaxing; others seemed to take me into an altered state in which I was able to perceive things beyond my normal senses. Without doubt all were extremely beneficial, as I usually left Michael's clinic feeling very happy, energised and revitalised in way that I was never quite able to articulate. After two years of healing sessions with Michael, I found that many of the resentments I had been carrying with me against various people in my life had totally disappeared, though I never quite could put my finger on when, precisely, these resentments had left me. I found I was more compassionate with other people, more calm, more centred, and more able to move forward in my life... away from old relationships and patterns of behavior that no longer served me, and toward a more fulfilling life. I also found my own intuition was much sharper, and my ability to make decisions was stronger and clearer. If I were asked to describe what occurred in just a few lines, I would say that at the beginning of my sessions with Michael, my life was stuck, at the end of my sessions, Michael had somehow managed to free whatever had been blocking my physical and emotional health and progress in my life and relationships."
Mrs. S., Loughton, Essex.


Michael also Specialises in Claering House Energy. We have all heard of the expression “Haunted House”

This expression is not just a myth. Certain environments have lasting history’s this can be in the form of spirit – in a lot of cases negative entities. Michael can clear these entities trough Spirit Release work-

Spirits/entities can be stuck on the Earth plane, there are many reasons why and how… they at times and sometimes latch on to people and spaces.

Through a spiritual release programme, Michael combines clearing the energy and releasing it to its next step – to the “light” and creating a Spirit/Entity free environment.

The many places Micheal has practiced this specialist activity:

Domestic Settings
Institutions, i.e hospitals, prisons

Within people (Symtoms within people):
There are symptoms of this, and can be released trough a spiritual release programme are: tiredness, feeling drained, acting out of character, addictions or worsening addictions - especially to alcohol and drugs, depression and feeling very fearful. Fear often feeds the entities.